Open Arms and Open Hearts 
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If you are in need of Ministry, Prayer or Counseling, Please call Cindy at 904-501-3082.

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©Thanks Cindy you are the best Preacher, Pastor, Reverend or whatever you want to call it but you are truly a Lieutenant or whatever is higher in Gods Army and you so have the light of Love.

©Hi Cindy I went to listen to your link on Matthew yesterday and wanted to comment so I went to log in and there wasn't anything for new sign up. You speak with passion and emotion. Every word is clear and you stop to explain things in full. Your voice has so much love for the lord. You feed my spirit. I don't trust pastors anymore because I really do not feel the passion for the lord. You are and have always been on fire with the light of the lord. I want to log in and listen to you every night. Please give me some tips on how to log in.
Thanks.God Bless

         Cindy Falco
      Boca Raton,  Florida