Open Arms and Open Hearts 
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Hello and God Bless you!
Cindy and I, Luciano wanted to introduce ourselves to you.
We love the Lord and want to see him fully manifested in our lives and yours.
May The Lord Bless you and keep you till we see him face to face. Our  Calling:

Isaiah 61:1

To Preach the Good Tidings to the Poor, to heal the brokenhearted, proclaim liberty to the captives, to comfort those who mourn.

OPEN ARMS AND OPEN HEARTS MINISTRY, INC., is an outreach ministry that ministers  beyond the four Walls of a Church building.

We believe that we are the Church.  "His Temple, The Temple of the Holy Ghost! Who lives and Moves in us!

Our desire is to build and equip those who want to understand the things of God and to teach and train you how to be the heart, feet, hands, mouth of God. To be
                                        "The Body of Christ"!

Our heart is to help those who would like to understand how to walk in the freedom which Jesus Christ gave to them! Jesus said: I came to give you LIFE and to give it to you MORE abundantly and Greater things shall you do. Yes, the baton has been passed to us! Believers in Christ Jesus. To those who will accept the Challenge. Will you?

We are to be the very expression of God on this Earth!  To Represent!!!                         

Our greatest joy is to encourage you to walk in your gifts and callings.
To be all that God has called you to be.

If he's called you to serve, then Serve, if he's called you to preach then Preach, if he's called you to evangelize then Evangelize, If he's called you to teach then Teach, If he's called you to be an apostle then be an apostle, If he's called you to be a mom then be the best mom, If he's called you to take care of the sick then be the BEST care-taker, In whatever you are doing do it all in excellence for his Glory but DO IT!

Remember We are to be LIVING Epistles!  Let the Life and Love of Christ shine through you, you might be the only Jesus people will see!

You are fearfully and Wonderfully made! Check out Psalms 139 and see what God has to say about you.  You Are Awesome!

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your HEART!
Its a New Day and a New Beginning!

This very moment is the first moment of the Rest of your Life.  Make it count !

Blessings  to you, my brothers and sisters in Christ!
Love In Christ,
Cindy & Luciano.